Painsbrook Farm - Shrewsbury - SY4 4BA

Welcome to East Shrewsbury BRC

Next Event - ESBRC Members Race - 6th and 7th April 2024

Limited Track Use Resumes

The track will will be reopening this weekend, this is limited and will continue to be limited until government or BRCA guidelines change, please read the below to find out more information. You can apply for a booking at, rule will be heavily enforced and anyone who breaches those rule will be asked to …

Shropshire Dirt Attack Series 2020

We will be Running the Dirt Attack series in 2020 and we will have 5 rounds (4 off 1 day events and 1 off 2 day event based on the National series format ) the Dates are as follows May 3rd Round 1 June 7th Round 2 June 20/21 Round 3 (2 dayer) August 2nd …