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With 2017 coming to the ned we will be having our AGM shortly and also club memberships and BRCA licences will need to be renewed the link for the BRCA is More info on the AGM will be available shortly.

East Shrewsbury win again!!!

Congratulations to all club members who have taken part in the NitroXcross series and have brought the club trophy home again.

Out of 180 registered drivers in this series, club members finished in the following positions – well done to you all.

Nikky Davies 5th, Matt Cunnington 28th, Bryn Pound 40th, Ashley Pattison 42nd, Danny Davies 44th, Matt Box 49th, Chris Reeves 51st, Stephen Lockley 53rd, Dave Dutton 56th, Curtis Burley 66th, Dan Jaff Evans 75th, Simon Burley 83rd, Jack Hawthorne 88th, Dave Parker 89th, Gary Gregory 92nd – special mention most go to Zak Edwards who was 4th overall in the E Buggy section and won the top Junior trophy.

East Shrewsbury won the club championship with 7887 points with a massive lead over 2nd place.…/upl…/2017/09/Club-Series-2017.pdf

Apologies if any club members have been missed.

Weston Worlds 2017

The weekend dawned bright and sunny which soon turned to hot, hot, hot! Once booking in had been completed, the track was opened for open practice for drivers to check their setups and tyre choice. Drivers briefing was held before the start of qualifying and a birthday cake and card was presented to our club chairman Steve Price with a rousing rendition of happy birthday. Racing then got underway with crowds gathering to watch.

There were 7 heats in each round of qualifying and a 15-minute break at the end of each round so that each heat could start on the hour. The day progressed well and we even had enough time to add in an extra round of qualifying on Saturday and a couple of fun events, the Dash for Cash and the Ladies Race.

The Dash for Cash was a 12-minute race and attracted 12 entries, congratulations to Rob West from Swansea Car Club for winning this race. Rob is running an Agama with a Bullit engine.

Next up was the Ladies race which was 5 minutes in duration and is aimed at the wives, girlfriends etc., There were 6 entries for this and a close battle was fought between Cate Pound and Wendy Foster, with Cate eventually winning the race driving Andy Cooper’s Team Associated RC8B3.1. Well done to all the Ladies/young ladies who entered and gave it a go.

That concluded the qualifying for Saturday so it was time to light the BBQ’s have something to eat, then wander down to the flight line to watch the amazing night flying and firework display.

Sunday dawned even hotter than Saturday and the smell of sun cream was in the air, hats of all shapes and varieties were sported by many to keep sunstroke at bay. The two final rounds of qualifying then got underway to see East Shrewsbury members placed in the following finals.

E Final – 15 mins

Matt Cunnington 6th on the start grid and finished 1st completing 26 laps in 15.13.45 mins
Curtis Burley 1st on the start grid and finished 2nd completing 25 laps in 15.3.07
Jack Hawthorne 8th on the start grid and finished 6th completing 20 laps in 15.35 mins
Mitch Thomas 4th on the start grid and finished 8th completing 16 laps in 13.11.77 mins
Dan “Jaff” Evans 2nd on the start grid and finished 5th completing 22 las in 13.324 mins, “Jaff” was in the lead for most of this final and the JQ was flying, but had transmitter problems which saw him drop down the field.

D Final – 15 mins

Craig Bolas 6th on the start grid and finished 3rd completing 26 laps in 15.25 mins
Bryn Pound 3rd on the start grid and finished 4th completing 25 laps in 15.32 mins
Joe Law 5th on the start grid and finished 5th completing 24 laps in 15.28 mins
Curtis Burley bumped up from E Final started 10th and finished 6th completing 23 laps in 15.10 mins
Chris Reeves started 4th on the grid and finished 7th completing 23 laps in 15.14 mins
Matt Cunnington bumped up from E final and started 9th and finished 8th completing 23 laps in 15.17 mins.

C Final – 15 mins

Craig Bolas bumped up to start 11th on the grid and finished 7th completing 25 laps in 15.27 mins.
B Final – 15 mins

Gary Gregory started 2nd on the grid and stayed in that position completing 29 laps in 15.30 mins
Dave Dutton started 1st and finished 5th completing 28 laps in 15.29 mins
Steve Price (Birthday Boy) started 6th and finished 7th completing 28 laps in 15.31 mins
Ashley Pattison started 7th and finished 8th completing 27 laps in 15.17 mins
Ollie Dillon started 8th and finished 11th completing 23 laps in 14.47 mins

A Final – 20 mins

Nikky Davies started 4th on the grid and finished 3rd completing 41 laps in 20.24 mins
Matt Box started 9th on the grid and finished 7th completing 40 laps in 20.30 mins
Gary Gregory bumped up from the B Final to start 10th and finished 11th completing 11 laps in 6.29 mins.

The top 3 in the A Final were

1st James Harrold – 42 laps in 20.3526mins running Team Associated and an LRP Engine.

2nd Jon Howells – 41 laps in 20.6.178 running Team Associated and Nova Rossi Engine

3rd Nikky Davies – 41 laps in 20.24.776 running Team Associated and Rex Engine

A Final – Electric Buggy

Zak Edwards our youngest member was running a TLR Electric buggy and has only recently started competing, congratulations for coming 11th Overall completing 21 laps in the main A final and driving consistently in your qualifying sessions and Legs 1 and 2 of the A Final.

Dave Dutton was competing in 2 classes and was running a Kyosho Electric buggy and finished 3rd overall in the A Final – well done Dave.

Congratulations to Jack Hawthorne who came 3rd in the Nitro Class Juniors, Jack is also new to racing having only competed at club level until recently.

Once racing had finished it was presentation time and trophy boards were awarded to the top 3 in each final. If you didn’t manage to stay for the presentation; trophy boards will be available for collection at club night or the next round of our summer series (once we’ve unloaded the trailer!) on July 23rd.

Thank you to all who competed over the weekend for the great atmosphere and good-natured racing, we hope an enjoyable time was had by all.

THANK YOU to all club members who have helped with organising this event and getting equipment up to Weston Park, especially to Steve Price who took all the equipment up to the track whilst others were away racing and for the time he has spent in the week cutting the grass etc., it is much appreciated Steve. Thank you to Chris Reeves for supplying the spray paint, road signs and much more. Thank you to Ollie Dillon for designing and printing our new club banner – it’s awesome! Finally, grateful thanks as always go to Alex Vernon for running the meeting and keeping the day on track with timings. If I have forgotten anyone I sincerely apologise but thank you all for a magnificent event!

Club members did well again yesterday at Round 3 of the summer series.
With 23 entries the day was quite relaxed with half hour breaks in between each round to give drivers enough time to charge batteries or fix any breakages.
After 4 heats of qualifying ESBRC members were placed across all the finals and just as these were about to start the heavens opened, once the rain had stopped the track was alive with people brushing to get the worst of the water off, the track dried amazingly quickly so finals could get underway and members finished as follows :
Joe Law 2nd in C Final – bumped up to B Final
Shaun Davies 4th in C Final
Dan Davies 5th in C Final
Dan “Jaff” Evans 6th in C Final
Jack Hawthorne 7th in C Final
Curtis Burley 8th in C Final
Ashley Pattison 1st in B Final – bumped up to A Final
Craig Bolas 4th in B Final
Joe Law 5th in B Final
Matt Cunnington 6th in B Final
Steve Price 8th in B Final
Nikky Davies 1st in A Final
Dave Dutton 3rd in A Final
David Brown 5th in A Final
Ashley Pattison 6th in A Final
Bryn Pound 9th in A Final
Thanks to all who attended we hope you had a good days racing and look forward to seeing you on July 23rd for Round 4.

The boys did good! All 3 podium places are East Shrewsbury members. 1st Overall Nikky Davies, 2nd Overall Dave Dutton and 3rd Overall Dave Brown.
The weather was just what we ordered for the track, rain overnight meant that the dust was down and the track was looking good. We had 35 competing – 6 Electrics, well done to Zak Edwards on his first outing on an outside track with his Losi at only 6 years old he drove well and finished 4th in the Electric A Final.
It was a good days racing, culminating in a stunning A Final with Nikky straight off the blocks and into the lead which he kept all through the 20 minute final pulling out a 52 second lead from Dave Dutton.
Well done to new club members Matt Cunnington and Craig Bolas, Matt qualified into the B final and Craig bumped up from the C. Dan Evans also did well qualifying 2nd in the C Final and bumping up to the B and finishing 9th.
Thanks to Alex as always for running a good meeting and keeping us all on time.

Round 1  was a very succesful days racing with a great entry and welcoming a lot of new faces to the track and hopefully seeing them all again the A final result was

  1. Nicky Davies AE RC8B3
  2. Ash Owen – XRAY XB8
  3. Kyle Boon   AGAMA
  4. David Brown SWORKZ
  5. Allan Ward  Mugen
  6. Colin Brennan  MUGEN
  7. Chris Sharpe-Simkiss  SWORKZ
  8. Matt Slaney   LOSI
  9. Julian Jessop
  10. James Hargreaves  TEKNO

Booking in is now open for round 2 on Sunday 14th May 2017, get booked in early and if we have enough booked in we can get a caterer in for Breakfasts .

Shake off the winter blues, clean the Astroturf from your car and enjoy the start of Summer and hit the Dirt .

Sunday 2nd of April will be the Spring Awakening race meeting at our Hadnall track.  Booking in can be found at
Entry fee will be £10 per class and we will run 1/8th Buggy nitro and Electric and Truggy.
Gates open at 8 am and booking in will commence at  8.30 a.m. The format of the meeting will be 1 round of practice and 3 rounds of Qualifying and 15 min finals.

The track has had a lot of work recently and the long range weather forecast is looking good, so shake off the Winter blues and start your summer racing now .
Book in at

Event Cancelled – Unfortunately due to the recent bad weather and more rain forecast ESBRC have decided to cancel round 4 of the winter series that was due to take place this weekend. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.